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La Petite Boule

Learn how to make bakery quality sourdough bread in your own home!

Join thousands of Sourdough Mamas that have learned the easy and simple method to making bakery quality sourdough bread right at home.

Baking bread is intimidating for a lot of people, but I promise you it doesn’t have to be. Leavenly has removed the complexity and confusion to help transform any busy mom into a Sourdough Mama.

Removing the complexity, pressure, and stress.

Here’s what some Sourdough Mamas are saying about the Leavenly process:


Leavenly was born to show moms that it’s absolutely possible to bake sourdough at home with kids running around, busy schedules, and endless surprises that will get in the way and mess up your process.

With two little toddlers constantly running around my house, I’ve fine-tuned my own sourdough process to remove the complexity and confusion. No stigma, no expectation. I’m here to share these methods with you, to grow the community of Sourdough Mamas, and to provide delicious, healthy sourdough bread and recipes with our families.

Not a Mom? No Problem!

I use the word “mom” universally, but that can be changed to dad, aunt, uncle, grandparent… Any caregiver can start baking sourdough for the kids they care for!

Don’t have kids? No problem. I was a dog mom before I was a mom mom, and sourdough can be your baby! I share best practices on how to bake around incredibly busy and chaotic schedules, which can also be useful to many single folks and couples who don’t have kids. We all live busy lives and I’m here to help you with proven methods on making the time to enjoy home-cooked sourdough bread.

Not Sure Where to Start?

No problem, I’ll guide you! First, check out my Start Here page. But if you’re just looking for some great recipes, resources, and tips on Sourdough, below are some of my most popular posts. Before you go, make sure you subscribe below for the latest sourdough fun!

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