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Join thousands of Sourdough Mamas that have learned  how to own the process and make sourdough work for them!

Making sourdough is intimidating for a lot of people, but I promise you it doesn’t have to be. Leavenly has removed the complexity and confusion to help transform busy women and moms into Sourdough Mamas.

    Helping solve the most common challenges to the sourdough process

    Sourdough Starter used in yeast-free bread recipes

    My starter is so inconsistent and never seems to work for me

    My dough is very sticky, hard to shape, and difficult to score

    My bread is flat and is so dense when it comes out of the oven

    The whole process seems so intimidating and confusing to me!

    Hi, I'm Heather

    I’m a busy mom, owner of Leavenly, and founder of the Sourdough Mamas movement.

    Like so many, I use to be frustrated with inconsistent starter, dough that was hard to shape, my bread was always flat, and I was always fighting to get consistent results. 

    Then I realized I needed to stop trying to fit my life into sourdough and started making sourdough work for me. 

    Your Ingredients.
    Your Kitchen.
    Your Life.

    You can beat common sourdough challenges and bake consistent sourdough bread by adapting the process to fit your ingredients, your kitchen, and your life. I call these adaptatoins: Leavenly Moments.

    Leavenly Moments help own the sourdough process by identifying areas you could AND should adapt the process based on all the variables in your life, from busy schedules to your local climate.

    Through Leavenly Moments, you can make sourdough work for you to eliminate challenges and get the results you deserve on a consistent basis. 

    Sourdough Mama Testimonials

    Since I’ve used Leavenly's method I have made incredible sourdough bread and English muffins with my 3 year old son. He’s also learning science & math in the process as we discuss what is happening, learning how to measure and set timers thanks to Leavenly.
    Sourdough Mama
    I’ve nearly memorized the Leavenly recipe for sourdough at this point and from my first batch to now, my bread has come out perfectly.
    Sourdough Mama
    I struggled to learn the sourdough process until I found Leavenly, and my confusion was instantly cleared up. Heather's guide takes a seemingly difficult and long process and breaks it down into easy and manageable steps.
    Sourdough Mama
    perfect sourdough

    Not sure where to start?

    Leavenly is packed full of free resources to help you make the bread you deserve.  Check out my Start Here page if you want a guide on your sourdough journey. 

    If you’re just looking for some great recipes and resources, here are Leavenly’s most popular posts: 

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    Not a mom? No problem!

    As a busy mom myself, the Leavenly Method was designed to help me adapt the sourdough process  to fit my busy chaotic lifestyle. While I often speak of busy moms, the method can be used to make sourdough work for you, whether you’re proud papa of three or a single career-driven women. 

    Whatever your lifestyle, It’s time to make sourdough work for YOU. 

    simple sourdough bread

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    Learn to adapt the sourdough process to fit your ingredients, your kitchen, and your life.

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