7 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Sourdough Home Bakers (2020)

by Heather

7 Best Gift Ideas for Sourdough Home Bakers (2020)

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Shopping for baking products and tools for the sourdough baker in your life can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with those baking products in the first place. There are endless items that you could buy as a gift during the holidays, from cookbooks to bread pans, but if you’re not an experienced baker it can be very hard to know what’s useful and what’s not. That’s why I created this gift guide to help you with several gift ideas to make the baker in your life happy, and to make your shopping simpler. I’ve combined the best tested-and-true sourdough tools and products to make your holidays easier and your sourdough lover happier!

The holidays are a great time to gift the sourdough baker in your life with a truly unique gift that they’ll never forget. If they’re the type of person that doesn’t shop for themselves, these gifts will truly be unforgettable. Why? Because these gifts will make their life easier. From a high-quality baking pan to a visually stunning grain mill, these seven gift ideas are sure to make any home baker smile.

Have a favorite sourdough kitchen tool, book or other item that you believe would make an amazing gift? Let me know! Email me at heather@leavenly.com and tell me all about it.

Without further ado, let’s dive into these beautiful gift ideas!


Where do I even begin? This sourdough baking bread pan was custom designed for bread bakers by Jim Challenger. A home baker himself, Jim grew frustrated with the lack of options for bread baking pans. With the help of baker friends, he made his bread pan with specific adaptations like a sloped lid that keeps the heat close to the loaf as it bakes, a spacious interior that can bake large boules, batards and demi-baguettes, and handles on the top of the lid for easy removal.

In essence, the Challenger Bread Pan was designed specifically for baking amazing homemade bread.

Esthetically, it’s a beautiful pan. It bears the Challenger Breadware logo of a stalk of wheat, and just begs you to cook with it. I love my Challenger Bread Pan, and it’s all I use now when baking sourdough bread at home. This would make a fantastic gift because it’s not something a home baker would likely buy themselves. And (bonus!) Jim just lowered the price of the pan from $295 USD to $224.95 USD. There’s never been a better time to buy one!

The Challenger Bread Pan is the bread pan for bread bakers. Check out my full-length review of the Challenger Bread Pan here.

Sourdough bread in Challenger Bread Pan
UFO Lame

Bread lames are used for scoring dough. They house a sharp razor blade and whether the baker is scoring simple designs or intricate patterns, the lame is truly a necessary tool.

The UFO bread lames are an original take on a classic item. I personally use the UFO lame, and I can tell you it’s really amazing. I’ve used everything from a razor blade on a popsicle stick to a more traditional bread lame, and nothing compares.

The ease with which you can score beautiful patterns in the dough is what makes the UFO Lame stand out. Your hand is much closer to the dough, but the sharp razor blade is safely encased inside. When you’re done scoring, the blade tucks fully inside to protect it (and you).

The new Arc Lame is the smallest lame in the world and comes with a base stand to keep the blade protected.

They’re made from solid American black walnut wood in a small, family-owned shop in Fairfield, Connecticut. I highly recommend them! (There are many knock-offs being made now, so be sure to get yours from Wire Monkey Shop or their approved sellers.)

These bread lames would make fantastic gifts in and of themselves. They also would make wonderful stocking stuffers, and at just $25 you can buy one for everyone on your list!

A well-known household name, Victorinox Swiss Army makes this bread knife like its reputation depends on it. The blade is slightly curved which allows for a rocking motion when slicing, and has a lifetime warranty.

1,600+ reviews give it a 4.8 star rating on Amazon. Reviewers rave about the knife, but one in particular said “I make my own bread, and it can be hard to keep the slices uniform, but that’s not a problem anymore.”

This bread knife would be a welcome addition to any baker’s kitchen even if there are already knives in their arsenal, because it’s practically a guarantee that their current bread knife is either old, dull, or both!

This gorgeous knife would be great as a stand-alone gift, or tuck it into a stocking for a wonderful Christmas morning surprise.

Add the Victorinox Swiss Army Bread Knife to your Christmas shopping list for any bread lover in your life!

If you have a serious bread baker on your list, you should consider the KoMo Classic. Beautifully designed and made of beechwood, this grain mill can grind any texture, from very fine flour to cracked meal.

Many home bakers have never had the opportunity to mill their own flour, so you’ll not only be gifting a useful present but an experience as well!

This gift will take their baking to the next level. Fresh flour gives better results, and those bakers who use a flour mill would never go back to store-bought flour.

The Classic is KoMo’s best selling mill for good reason. It can grind all dry grains, from wheat to quinoa to sorghum. It can also grind spices, lentils and dried beans! 

Cleanup is simple, because the milling stones are easily accessible without the use of any tools. Many at-home grain mills are exceedingly loud, but the KoMo Classic is among the world’s quietest-running grinders.

At $499, it’s definitely a pricy gift, but it’s sure to be one that any bread lover will LOVE. We tend not to buy these beautiful (yet useful) tools for ourselves, so receiving one as a gift would make it a holiday to remember.

A kitchen staple! The KitchenAid stand mixer is unparalleled in both its power and its durability. I’ve had my stand mixer for over seven years and counting, and it still performs as well as it did on day one.

If the baker on your list doesn’t have a KitchenAid stand mixer yet, this would be an incredible gift to give. Although traditional sourdough recipes call for hand mixing, many home bakers utilize their stand mixers to help in the process.

I specifically recall one home baker telling me she needs to use her stand mixer due to the arthritis in her hands. Without a stand mixer, she wouldn’t be able to make bread. The KitchenAid stand mixer makes breadmaking accessible even for those who cannot knead or hand mix dough.

Plus, it’s amazing for so many other things. I use mine for making cookies, mashing potatoes, whipping cream, beating eggs, and I definitely use it for all of my sourdough discard recipes, like Sourdough Zucchini Bread! 

Ranging from $200-600, the KitchenAid stand mixer is a gift that will be sure to knock their socks off. 


Chad Robertson wrote Tartine Bread in 2010. Robertson is renowned, not just in the relatively small sourdough world, but within the greater baking and cooking community as well. He trained at the Culinary Institute of America, apprenticed alongside Richard Bourdon, then opened a bakery, Bay Village Bakery in Point Reyes Station with his wife. Together, they moved it to the heart of San Francisco and called it Tartine.

This is the book that got me started on my own personal sourdough journey. The recipe for a basic country loaf is easy to follow and great for beginners. Robertson himself says “The thought […] is that anyone can pick up this book and make a good loaf of bread using this chapter alone.” I can attest to this – Tartine was my inspiration to begin sourdough baking, and I continue to reference it. My copy is heavily annotated!

Tartine Bread‘s approach to sourdough is a humble one: the power is in the bakers’ hands. Reassurances such as this resonate throughout the book, making the beginner baker feel at ease. 

Tartine Bread would be a great gift for any sourdough baker, from beginner to advanced. 

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