About Me

by Heather

Welcome to Leavenly, a helpful place for busy mamas that want to bake sourdough bread for their families.


Hi, I’m Heather – mom, wife, Canadian, and a Sourdough Mama! It’s my mission to help other busy moms realize they too can be a Sourdough Mama.

I started my own personal sourdough journey three years ago while living in the San Francisco Bay Area, the land of authentic sourdough. I never knew why exactly it was unique, I just knew it was delicious.

However, once I heard about natural leavening, I had to know more.

How could just three ingredients be responsible for such flavor?

How does it rise without yeast?

Why is the taste and texture so incredibly different than store bought bread?

And finally…

How can I make it myself?

Three years later…

I now live in the Denver area with my husband, two young kids, a baby on the way, and two (big) dogs.

After a couple of successful bakes back in California, I was intimidated by the altitude and didn’t attempt another sourdough for years.

When I finally worked up the courage, I noticed my dough looked and felt different, and the final loaves were more dense than previous.

I took a workshop at a local bakery, and that changed everything. I now understand what it means to bake at altitude, what adjustments are necessary, and what not to do.

My last few bakes were hugely successful, I’ve achieved a higher level of comfort with the process, and I’m so excited to share this with you. Even with the altitude, I realized how forgiving sourdough is and I can still make amazing bread. So can you!

Why Blog?

The idea is to journal my baking results, including what I did, what I changed, what I screwed up, and how it came out.

Basically, I am taking notes that you can learn from.

That’s how I started Leavenly.com, but I soon discovered that the site was helping busy moms far more than I expected. I’ve encountered so many others out there just like me, originally intimidated by the process and then SO excited to learn that it is possible to make delicious sourdough bread at home. It has now become my mission to spread the word, provide helpful resources, and build a community of Sourdough Mamas.

Please enjoy, and contact me with question and ideas for posts or even better, share your own personal experience.

A growing community of home-baking Sourdough Mamas – what could be better?

Yours in culture,


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