Frustration-Free Sourdough: Unlocking the Secrets for Home Bakers (2021)

by Heather

A free webinar from Leavenly to help home bakers avoid common challenges and own the sourdough baking process, making consistent frustration-free sourdough bread.

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As the owner of Leavenly and founder of the Sourdough Mamas movement, I’m so blessed to be able to talk to hundreds of home bakers every week. Some of these people are brand new to sourdough and they’re sure how to get started. Others are further along in their sourdough journey, but still struggle to get consistent results. Almost all have one thing in common: They want to make sourdough bread at home without the frustration. So what are the common challenges typically standing in their way?

Here is what I typically hear:

  • How do I get better oven spring?
  • My dough is sticky and hard to handle.
  • I don’t even know how to begin!
  • Why won’t my starter work like it’s supposed to?
  • How do I make a better score?

Sourdough does not need to be a complicated and intimidating process. I realized that even as an incredibly busy mom, I could learn to avoid common challenge to bake delicious and beautiful sourdough bread on a consistent basis. And better yet, it was frustration-free sourdough bread. Bonus!

The Leavenly Method

The Leavenly Method was designed to help take the complexity and intimidation out of sourdough. Through it, I designed Leavenly Moments to help empower home bakers to own the sourdough process and make sourdough work for them.

I do that by teaching a method that helps you, as a home baker, to customize the sourdough process to make sourdough fit your ingredients, your kitchen, and your life.

By knowing when and how you can customize sourdough – and why it’s important – you can make it work for you and avoid the most common challenges plaguing sourdough bakers.

You can do this!

Sourdough feeding ratios, troubleshooting, and scheduling

This Frustration-Free Sourdough webinar is for you if…

  • If you want to learn to bake sourdough, but not sure where or how to start. 
  • Maybe you already know how to bake sourdough, but you struggle to get consistent results and want to learn how to own the process to achieve frustration-free sourdough bread.
  • You are confident in your sourdough bakes, but looking to perfect the fundamentals and process customizations.

Common Sourdough Challenges

In this webinar, we’ll dive deep into common challenges that frustrate beginner bakers as well as those pesky issues that pop up for the most confident bakers out there. Searching for the “perfect” recipe to fix your challenges will ultimately further frustration and disappointment. Most common challenges can be fixed by making simple customizations to the process (any recipe). These changes are necessary to make sourdough work for you!

Talking about sourdough myths related to sourdough common challenges

This Webinar Covers:

  • Top sourdough myths
  • Why finding a new sourdough recipe might not solve your problem
  • How to get better oven spring and get the bread rise your deserve
  • Why I quit sourdough for over a year! Don’t let it happen to you
  • Sourdough Hydration
  • How to get consistent sourdough starter and troubleshoot problems
  • How to make adjustments for hard-to-handle sticky dough
  • Sourdough Mama success stories
  • How to customize the sourdough process to fit your life
  • Working sourdough into a busy schedule
  • How to properly score sourdough bread
  • Additional resources 

Own the process!

The most important thing I learned in my sourdough journey is that I should not work my life into sourdough and that I need to work sourdough into my life. Frustration-free sourdough is possible, and this webinar will help you learn how to achieve it. I want to empower you to own the sourdough process to make sourdough start working for you.

Want to learn how to own the sourdough process and avoid common challenges when baking? Then join my FREE on-demand webinar:

Frustration-Free Sourdough (On-Demand Webinar)

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Susan Quinn December 20, 2020 - 1:47 pm

Heather, thank you so much for your high altitude recipe! I live in Fort Collins and was wondering how my bread would turn out when baking here in Steamboat. Your recipe turned out perfect! With the exception of a tough, thick bottom crust. I tried two loaves, one with and without a cookie sheet placed below my dutch oven (heard this may help). Both loaves had thick, burnt crust on the bottom. Any advice/tips? Thanks so much!

Heather December 20, 2020 - 8:15 pm

Wonderful, Susan! I’m so glad to hear it. I’ve heard the cookie sheet below the Dutch oven works, but it must be on a rack below the rack holding the Dutch oven, as close to the heating element as possible. If this is what you did and it still came out tough and thick, make sure your Dutch oven is as far away from the heating element as possible. If you’re baking in a Challenger Bread Pan or a Lodge combo cooker, try inverting the lid when you remove it (the larger pan) and place the smaller pan into the larger pan to create a pocket of air insulation. I’ve heard this prevents scorched bottoms. Other bakers have had success dusting their Dutch oven with cornmeal, then placing parchment on top of that. Let me know what works for you!
P.S. I would also advise getting an oven thermometer to learn the true temperature of your oven – it’s possible that it’s running hotter than you think!


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