Leavenly Life

by parkcityrc

Celebrating sourdough and motherhood, together!

We’re all in this leavenly life together! I created this website to share my experience baking sourdough bread for my family, and to help other busy mamas out there do the same. Then, after being inspired by messages you all have sent me, I created this page so we can share our progress together.

Whether your attempt was an epic fail or the most delicious thing you ever tasted, let’s share and learn with each other!

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If you’re new to this site and want to learn more, check out my Start Here Page and Resources Page for a lot more fun ideas and recipes to help you along in your journey. I’m always here to help you along the way!

Leavenly Community Facebook Group
Join the Leavenly Community on Facebook to get all your questions answered by fellow bakers and to share your passion and knowledge on baking Sourdough. From first time home bakers to advanced bakers, the Leavenly Community on Facebook has something for everyone.

Featured Mamas from Leavenly’s Facebook Group

Meghan of Colorado

“I’ve nearly memorized the Leavenly recipe for sourdough at this point and from my first batch to now, my bread has come out perfectly.” – Meghan, May 2020

Agata of Southern California

“Perfect English muffins EVERY time! This recipe has quickly become a favorite with my tribe. Thank you for sharing @leavenly!” – Agata, May 2020

Nikki & Nolan, Lakewood CO

“Made some sourdough English muffins with my boy this morning. So delicious and will definitely make them more often. Thank you @leavenly_ for the recipe. Thank you dad for the honey that paired well.” -Nikki, May 2020

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