Sourdough Resources

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Sourdough Resources
Sourdough Starter used in yeast-free bread recipes

sourdough Resources


Helping you own the sourdough process to get consistent results

Learning to bake sourdough does not have to be confusing, intimidating, or hard! It is possible for home bakers to get consistent results. These sourdough resources are designed to help you understand how to adapt the sourdough process to overcome common challenges by making sourdough work with your ingredients, your kitchen, and your life

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Sourdough Mamas is a supportive sourdough community helping busy women remove the complexity, intimidation and confusion in sourdough baking. 

Sourdough Mamas: A Leavenly Community is a private group for sourdough home bakers, from beginner to expert. Leavenly was originally started to help busy women and moms learn how to bake amazing sourdough bread at home despite the craziness of every day life, and Sourdough Mamas is an extension of that philosophy. 

The Sourdough Mamas group is an added resource for all the home bakers out there – let’s share our successes, failures, and grow on this journey together.

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5 Tips for Better Sourdough

Baking sourdough is a technical process, and sometimes in that process, we overlook a small step that may have resulted in better sourdough and a nicer finished loaf. Here are

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Avoid frustration and overcome common challenges to make sourdough work for you!

So many bakers struggle with sourdough as they fail to own the process. While they follow a sourdough recipe to the letter, they tend to get inconsistent and lackluster results. The secret to sourdough is that you need to adapt the process to make sourdough work for you.

The Sourdough for Busy Moms video course will walk you through every stage of the sourdough baking process, including creating a foolproof starter, adding different ingredients (inclusions), and a variety of scoring patterns and techniques. 

The most valuable thing you’ll learn in this video course is the secret to understanding when you can adapt any sourdough recipe to fit all the variables in your life. I call these Leavenly Moments. Most common challenges come down to a few key areas of the sourdough process that, when customized to fit your specific needs, are no longer an issue.  Leavenly Moments will empower you to avoid these challenges and get better, consistent results – now and for all of your future bakes. 

10 modules covering the entire sourdough process 

4+ hours of hands-on video instructions

Lifetime access to the course so you can do it at your own pace

Learn to adapt the sourdough process to fit your ingredients, your kitchen, and your life 

PLUS, you can gift the course to a friend for FREE! Baking together is much more fun!



The UFO Lame: A Home Baker’s Review

Scoring dough is one of the most enjoyable parts of making bread, and the UFO Lame by Wire Monkey is the best scoring tool out there, hands down. It’s compact,

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Don’t miss out on the newest, hottest, and must-have sourdough baking tools this holiday season. Buying baking products and tools for the sourdough baker in your life can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be so hard! 

To make shopping easier this Holiday season, Leavenly has pulled together the seven best gift ideas for the sourdough baker in your life. These are unique, personal, and visually stunning tools that will bring joy to the sourdough baker in your life and delicious bread to their kitchen. Happy shopping!

Check out the gift guide now!

7 Best Gift Ideas for Sourdough Home Bakers (2020)


Feeding sourdough starter
Sourdough Starter used in yeast-free bread recipes


Check out Leavenly’s YouTube channel for the latest hands-on instructional videos. We cover everything from common sourdough challenges to fun discard recipes. Head on over, subscribe, and comment on your favorite video! I want to hear from you. 

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Hi, I'm Heather

I’m a busy mom of three under 4, owner of Leavenly, and founder of the Sourdough Mamas movement.

Like so many, I use to be frustrated with inconsistent starter, dough that was hard to shape, bread that always came out flat, and I was always fighting to get consistent results. 

Then I realized I needed to stop trying to fit my life into sourdough and start making sourdough work for me. 

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