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by Heather

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Leavenly – Helping busy women become Sourdough Mamas

Are incredibly busy and don’t want the frustration of sourdough adding more to your plate? 

If so, welcome, you’re in the right place. I’ll start by telling you that you’re not crazy for wanting to do this! It seems like a daunting process, but I’m here to tell you that it’s really very easy. Once you understand the language and gather your supplies, you’re ready to go. Don’t be scared! You can do this!

If this is your first time to Leavenly, here is a quick step-by-step guide to learn how how this site can help you make amazing sourdough bread at home.

Step One: Get to Know Me

If you’d like to get to know me personally, check out my ABOUT page. Briefly, I am a wife and mom of three young kids: our daughter is four and our sons are three and under a year old. Oh yea, and we have a Cholate Lab named Charlie. Life is crazy with a capital C, but I’ve figured out a way to bake three loaves of sourdough a week, and Leavenly was born so I could share those secrets with you.

Once you know me a little better, CONTACT ME and introduce yourself. I would love to hear about you and any struggles you’re experiencing in your sourdough journey, or with baking with kids in general. Good, bad or ugly, don’t be shy – let me know! I’ll reply as quickly as I can and we can chat about it.

Step Two: Get Your Crash Course in Sourdough

All of the content on this site is designed to share the hard lessons learned. I made the mistakes so you don’t have to!

If you want a shortcut, here are my top resources and posts to help you become a Sourdough Mama.

Trouble-Free Sourdough starter – FREE online course

How to Make Sourdough Bread: Ultimate Beginners Guide (2021) – FREE 63-Page eBook

Sourdough Discard Recipe Challenge – FREE recipes and guides

Helpful blog posts to get you started:

  1. What is Sourdough?
  2. How to Make Sourdough Starter in Six Easy Steps
  3. Make Heavenly Leaven like your Local Baker
  4. My Current Go-To Sourdough Recipe

Step Three: Get Real and Get Ready

Doughy Hand

One thing you will discover about sourdough is that it’s very forgiving. You can mess up, and still bake an amazing loaf of sourdough. And if it’s not, well, you’ll have homemade croutons! No biggie.

Remember: this journey is about providing delicious bread for your family, not perfection. I’ll always be real with you, if you promise to always be real with yourself.

Now, check out this helpful list of links to help you get ready!

Step Four: Stay Motivated

Seeing the sourdough process in pictures is a great way to stay inspired, so I recommend following as many sourdough accounts on Instagram and Facebook as you can. Start by following me, and then take a look at who I follow! The content is great and the social media bread community is very warm and welcoming, always posting their techniques and recipes, and answering questions.

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Step Five: Join Sourdough Mamas – a Leavenly Community

Join Sourdough Mamas – a Leavenly Community on Facebook to get all your questions answered by fellow bakers and to share your experience on baking sourdough. A group of encouraging Sourdough Mamas, from first time home bakers to the advanced enthusiast, the community on Facebook has something for everyone.

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It’s great to have you hear and I’m honored to be part of your sourdough journey. 

Happy Baking